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South Norfolk

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Bidding by text message


How to bid:

You can bid for properties using SMS (text) messages from a mobile phone. You can only bid for properties where you match the qualifying criteria.

Dont be worried about the word ‘bid, you wont be parting with any money. All it means is that you are actively interested and wish to be considered for the property or properties you are applying for.

What you need to bid

• Your housing register reference number

• The date of birth of the primary applicant on your housing registration form

• The property reference number(s) that you want to bid for

In this example the registration number is 12345, the date of birth is 16th March 1975, the first property ref. number is 336699 and the second property ref. number is 445566.

STEP 1                                                       

Start a new text message on a mobile phone                      EXAMPLE


Type: Your housing register reference                                12345   

followed by a space  


Type: Your date of birth                                                  12345 16/3/1975

(using all four digits for the year) followed by a space


Type: The first property reference number                        

followed by a space                                                        12345 16/3/1975 336699                                    


Type: The second property reference number                         

followed by a space                                                                      12345 16/3/1975 336699 445566


Send the SMS (text) message to 07860 015101



You will receive a text message confirming either that your bid(s) has been made or that your bid has not been made, along with an explanation as to why the bid was not placed. 



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