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South Norfolk

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In this area you can find details of any news or updates to the Home Options Scheme.


South Norfolk Council Home Options Scheme – Allocations Policy

Changes effective from 1st August 2016

These will apply to all applicants from 1st August 2016.  For applications made active before this date, the policy changes will apply at the date of renewal or reassessment.

 1.2  Statement on Choice:

The Council and the scheme landlords are fully committed to enabling customers to play an active role in choosing where, and in what property type and tenure they live, while continuing to house those people in the greatest housing need and complying with all relevant legislation.  However, to minimise the risk of further incidents of anti-social behaviour an applicant may be restricted in their choice of area.

It is important to realise that the demand for accommodation is higher in some areas than others.  In making a decision about the choices available, applicants need to consider their housing need priority against the availability of properties in any given area. 

2.1.2  Qualification

Amendment to local connection:

  •  Have lived in South Norfolk for 3 of the previous 10 years

New Qualification:

  • Have an existing social tenancy and been in employment or training in South Norfolk for a minimum of six months and there is a reasonable expectation that the employment or training will continue for a further 12 months.

 2.1.3  Non Qualification


  • They, or a member of their household, has been evicted for anti-social behaviour or unacceptable behaviour and there has been no demonstrable evidence of behaviour change in settled accommodation;
  • They, or a member of their household, provided false information to obtain social housing.
  • They, or a member of their household, are in arrears of rent advance and deposit loan or other debt of more than £100 owed to the Council;
  • They, or a member of their household, are owner-occupiers who are adequately housed and have financial means to find their own housing solution.

2.3  Assessment of housing need


Gold Band:  Removal of priority for tenants of scheme landlords, living within South Norfolk, with two or more spare bedrooms.

Silver Band:  Removal of priority for tenants of scheme landlords, living within South Norfolk, with one spare bedroom.


3.2.2 Minimising Voids

Sometimes properties are not bid for.  In such circumstances and after consultation with the advertising scheme landlord the Council can extend the property eligibility to make it available to a wider pool of people on the register.  If after it has been advertised for two cycles at the wider eligibility rating it has still not been let, the scheme landlord can request the property be advertised in neighbouring authorities and or independently.  In agreeing to the request the Council must be satisfied that properties let in this way go to eligible tenants in priority need.

Added 01/08/2016


New Mobile site now live


Due to the increasing number of our customers that use mobile devices to access South Norfolk Home Options, we have created a customer friendly access portal to allow you to view and bid for properties. In a few simple clicks from your phone or other mobile device, you can also view your position for a property, check/send messages and review your bids from the last 30 days. 

You won't have to remember another website address as the system will automatically re-direct you to the appropriate site depending on what device you are using to access the internet. 

Added 14/06/2016

Information on placing bids

You do not need to use your bids if there are no properties that are suitable for you or are not in an area where you wish to live. 

You only have to make one bid in a year to remain active on the housing register.

Added 07/01/2016


Annual renewals are now taking place for all applications that are over 1 year old.

When instructed to do so, you will need to review your full application and submit this along with the required paperwork within 28 days. We will contact you by email or letter advising you when this needs to be completed and there will also be a prompt on your account Home page. 

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding renewing your application please contact us on 08081682222.

REMINDER: Your application will be cancelled after the 28 days if you have not completed the renewal and provided the documents described in the letter/email.

In all cases you will be asked to supply the documents listed here. Click here to view the full list

Added 07/01/2016

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