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South Norfolk

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Frequently Asked Questions


I've forgotten my password and requested a reset, but still can't log in.

Once you have made a request for a password reset and received your email, you will need to login to the full website and not the mobile site. This is because the password is only temporary and you will need to change this before you can continue.

I'm having trouble logging in to the site and viewing the properties I'm eligible for.

The probable cause of this is that you are using an incompatible browser, South Norfolk Home Options is designed to work primarily with Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may find that by using other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, that you may not be able to confirm your bid or see the properties you are eligible for, due to how those browsers handle pop-ups and content.

 You may also experience issues when entering your login details as the necessary screens may not be displayed correctly.

I can't log in.

You are given 3 attempts to log in successfully, after this you will have to wait 30 minutes to try again. You will need your login reference number, your memorable date and password. You may also see a field under your password where you will be asked to enter a set of random letters and numbers called "Captcha". These must be entered exactly how you see them, using both upper and lower cases, if for any reason these are not clear just click refresh to get a new set until you can be certain you are entering the correct code. 

Affordable Rents

Click here to read our fact sheet on Affordable Rents.

What if I have a serious medical problem or disability that is being made worse by my current housing?

Please be aware that if your medical problem or disability is not serious and enduring and/or is not directly affected by your present housing and/or would not improve if rehoused, then you will not be given any medical priority.

What if my contact details change?

When you put in a bid it is very important that you can be contacted quickly. If the contact details you supplied, when you registered with the scheme, are no longer up to date then you must let the South Norfolk Home Options team know. Go to the Contact Us area of this website to obtain a form.  If you successfully bid for a property but cannot be contacted you will lose that property.

The system won’t let me apply for certain properties – why?

You can only apply for properties for which you are eligible.  For example:

  • You may be too young for the advertised minimum age of the property.
  • Your household is too large or too small for the property advertised.

How long do I have to bid for a property?

When the properties are advertised they clearly state the deadline for people to apply. That will always be one week from when the properties are advertised.

If I bid earlier in the week am I more likely to get the property?

No – applying earlier will no make difference. Everyone has one week to bid for the properties.

Do I have to bid for properties every week?

No- it is up to you when and which properties you bid for. You should only bid for the properties that you genuinely want. Please note, however, if you are in the emergency band you will have a period of six weeks in which to bid on suitable properties after which time your band will be reassessed. 

Will I be able to view a property before I apply for it?

No – you will only be able to view a property once you have bid successfully for it and been invited to do so by the landlord.  However, the properties advertised will show all the information you need to know, including a photograph, so you can decide whether to apply for it or not.   

Will I be able to view a property before I decide whether to accept the offer?

Yes – once you have bid successfully for a property a viewing will be arranged. You will then have up to two days to decide whether to accept the offer of the property.

Why do some properties require a connection to a particular area?

Many of the housing associations are developers of new affordable rented homes.  These are allocated to applicants on the councils’ housing registers in the same way as other homes that become available for letting.

However new homes built in rural areas may have extra rules that affect the priority of applicants. These rules are due to planning restrictions that ensure highest priority is given to people with a stronger local connection to the area (village or parish) where the homes have been built.

The details may vary, depending on the council area, but most give priority to applicants who;

  • live or work (or previously lived or worked) in the area or
  • have close relatives living in the area that they give support to/receive support from. 

If you bid for these properties and you are not able to show you meet the local connection criteria required your bid is likely to be skipped.  When conditions of this type apply it will be stated in the property advert and you will be invited to contact Home Options team, or the landlord direct, for more details and advice.

Local connection conditions usually remain in place each time the property becomes empty and available for re-letting in the future.

What if I disagree with a decision?

You have the legal right to ask for a review of certain decisions made regarding your application for re-housing.  These are:

  • If you have not been given preference under the allocations scheme due to unacceptable behaviour serious enough to make you unsuitable to be a tenant of the authority (this relates to your eligibility), or
  • any decision about the facts of your case which has been taken into account in considering whether to make an allocation to you (this would include the banding given to you).

You must ask for a review of a decision in writing using the appropriate form (available on request from the South Norfolk Home Options team).  You must return the review form with 21 days of receiving your decision letter. 

The completed review form will be considered by South Norfolk Council, within 28 days of you returning it, and you will then receive a decision within a further 14 days.

You do not have the right to ask for a review of a decision received by an earlier review, unless you have additional information which was not presented as part of the earlier review and which the scheme council believes may have changed the earlier decision. 

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